• Coconut symbolizes good fortune and prosperity and vanilla, with its wrapping aroma, spreads sweetness.  
  • The Osmanthus in the East has always been considered of celestial origin helping spiritual elevation. With its warm aroma, characterized by apricot notes and other sweet nuances, has always inspired pleasant sensations.  
  • Nooria 100 ml

    Nooria is a very intriguing and sexy perfume. It Illuminates your seduction ! It is a triumph of flowers including jasmine, one of the sexiest aromas, and the seductive, powerful tuberose with sweet and narcotic notes. The seductive notes continue sublime nuance of vanilla, patchouli and amber  
  • Sera100 ml

    an extremely addictive perfume with a sweet and romantic note of lychee  passing then  to a bittersweet but at the same time delicate touch of saffron Finally, jasmine, vanilla and amber make SERA  an extremely passionate perfume.  
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