Alan Drew

Accendis is the result of a research concerning our emotional light.
In Latin “Accendis” means “you illuminate”, but also “you bring out aromas”.
Fairy tales have always been the magic of fantasy that lights up and makes the fear disappear.
A light that ACCENDIS explores with beautiful fables.


For the ancient people, the black color was considered sacred
to the deities and was used as a symbol of unity, pure essence
and equality. It was seen as the total realization, the symbol of
the highest authority. Symbol of knowledge and interaction
with the Universe. Black and white as the eternal dualism.

Le parole nere sulla carta bianca sono l’anima messa a nudo
Guy de Maupassant


ACCENDIS Aclus the fulfillment of inner metamorphosis.
And the fullness of the experience that has shaped the soul
but also the need to keep alive the side of boyish soul.
It ‘a composition which lifts and supports, complex and dense…
Aclus is the light of summer full of colors enjoy to the intense
aromas of flowers in wild landscape
you really feel you are complete.

“The black words on the white paper as the naked soul”

                                                                 Guy de Maupassant

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