My name is Emy Rodriquens Cesaroni and I was born in the magnificent Italian city of Milan. I always had a passion for travels and, since my childhood, I used to dream to see the most remote places. Not surprisingly I studied foreign languages. I had the chance to enter the world of perfumes, which have always had a lot of charm to me. My first job was for a company that still produces perfumes and cosmetics. I was a young assistant. This has been my stepping stone to a career as export manager and brand manager. It was like realizing my childhood dream to be able to travel anywhere.

I deeply love humanity and I think that each of us has something to say to the universe. I have treasured during those years what I could see, taste and smell. I have worked extensively with many brands such as Pierre Cardin, Romeo Gigli, Iceberg, Panama and so on. I felt passionate about each of them. I met the great French and Italian VIP in perfumes.

At one point I had a very difficult time in my life. I took a break and I decided what I would do: A PERFUME. This has been my reborn. It is very complicated to create. Not only for getting the inspiration of the Fragrances but also for the packaging.It took about a year and a half to realize ACCENDIS. For example the difficulty of the bottle lays in the fact that it has a lateral mouth. The factory made a mold but they could not find the right inclination in the mold to fabricate a perfect bottle. Not satisfied of the first results, I asked to grind each bottle to have a perfect effect. Also for the boxes it has been very long the find of the right materials – elegant and precious.

However, the fragrances were the real diffi cult part. The goal was to transform light into a perfume. Many trials with noses and laboratory experts. This my idea of light comes from childhood. I used to spend afternoons in a grove where there were so many plants and flowers and sunlight filtering through. I called it the fairy forest. I think I have seen a fairy one day, this at least is my memory as a child. I remember well anyway an incredible brightness. I wanted to name my perfume to recall the light but that would honor my ancestors. For the future I will explore new possibilities for perfumes…Work in progress

All the best,