Without Black of the night sky, the magic of the stars would not be visible. Black is a state of stillness, where every light, even if small, can show itself in its delicate beauty. Black is to be and not to appear, to be oneself without poses, without filters, without shielding, to always be true. In front of a black screen we can shine in our natural uniqueness.

White is the maximum light that shows itself from black. It is the state of purity, the openness to every possibility, the conjunction of the man with the universe. It symbolizes birth and rebirth, the beginning of every life cycle. The divine and perennial flame is white. White is everything that is pure, wise, enlightened and also of the aspiration towards what has not yet occurred. Different yet complementary, these two colors are the emblem of ACCENDIS perfumes. Two souls who are destined to meet. They are the perfect love made of complicity, desire, friendship, sharing and respect.

The Blacks

For the ancient people, the black color was considered sacred to the deities and was used as a symbol of unity, pure essence and equality. It was seen as the total realization, the symbol of the highest authority. Symbol of knowledge and interaction with the Universe. Black and white as the eternal dualism





The Whites

The White is the hope for the future, the state of purity, the noble sentiments and the desire to change. The White evokes purity, spirituality, and divinity.



Luna Dulcius